Systems for Data Analysis, Acquisition and Storage
Are you making the most of the explosion of data at your fingertips? Do you know how to analyse it?
Do you need help in confidently navigating the variety and volume of data and get meaningful insight?
It is hard to find qualified personal to collect, store and analyze this data, even if you manage to find the right people, it can be costly and the speed of the development can be not fast enough!
We develop data acquisition and storage systems, create machine learning applications and provide statistical data analysis and data representation services. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, with years of experience working with Big Data.
Machine Learning and AI
Statistical data analysis, machine learning, neural networks...
Collecting Data
Developing sensors, specialized detectors, readout electronics, data acquisition and storage systems...
Representing Data
Front end systems development. User interfaces, databases, web interfaces development...
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly detection in equipment operation conditions.
Marketing Studies
Statistical data interpretation. Market segmentation. Sales estimation.
Image Recognition
Object detection and classification. Satellite images processing.
Meet our team
We have many years of experience working with big data including statistical analysis, data acquisition and storage. Our team members take part in large international projects. For example, data analysis and electronics development for CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Data processed at this project exceeds 50 PB of data. Our team is experienced working on electronic detectors and image recognition systems development and have access to a pool of on demand talents.
Ilya Gorbunov
Machine Learning, AI and Statistical Analysis Expert
Ilya is the leading data analysis expert of our team. He has more then ten years of experience working with statistical data. Ilya holds PhD degree, worked at CERN on experimental data analysis.
Galina Skripka
Hardware Development Expert
Galina knows everything about hardware systems integration. Has more then ten years of experience in data acquisition systems development. PhD in applied physics and has a significant international experience.
Shubina Olga
Marketing manager in the Republic of Turkey
Olga is engaged in needs analysis and negotiations with partners from various business areas on the national and international levels. Helps you to get effective solutions for your business. Has the master degree in international relations by specialty Turkey of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations).
Anton Golikov
Front End and Storage Systems Development
For more then 15 years Anton has developed state of the art user interfaces. Make your data easily digestible and allow you to make data driven decision.
Our Projects
Our team develops and deploys solutions based on AI and Machine Learning all around the world. We can meet any requirements of our clients.
  • Studies on deforestation based on satellite images (joint project with an NGO).
  • Development of recommendation system for stock exchange (for private investment agency).
  • Design of electronics for experimental data acquisition and data processing (for an Research Center).
  • Marketing studies to enter international market (IT companies).
  • Development of electronics for satellite applications (for a research institute).
  • Web interface and web sites development and email-marketing (for international and Russian companies).
  • Fertilizers usage optimization by studying satellite images (for farmers union).
  • Digital transformation program development (for an agricultural regulator).
  • Marketing studies (for international companies).
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